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In the report we go through each calendar month of , and highlight the single best electional chart we can find for that span of time. We also explain our reasoning behind each chart, and talk about the pros and cons, as well as what each chart would be most ideal for and what types of topics you might want to avoid using it for.

This report is a digital download, which includes an audio, video, and written version of the report, so that you can study it in different mediums over the next year. You will be redirected to PayPal, and then as soon as you are finished paying you will receive an email that will contain a link to download all the files. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive an email with the links immediately.

If you run into any problems or have any questions, please email Chris at: astrologue gmail. Promo Video Here is a promo video where we talk a bit about the report: — What You Get When you purchase the report you receive the following things: Access to a 1 hour and 47 minute video recording, in which Chris and Leisa talk about the astrology of and provide an overview of each of the charts they found.

This video is available in both a streaming version and an MP4 download. Links to both are provided upon purchasing the report.

Aquarius Horoscope – Your Forecast For The Year Ahead!

A 1 hour and 47 minute audio version of the same recording, in MP3 format. A printable page PDF write-up, which contains all of our written notes, including the pros and cons of each chart and detailed instructions about the specific time windows involved. A printable page PDF file containing all of the charts discussed in the report.

It is much harder to achieve a perspective when you are in the middle of some major and possibly chaotic change. This is a good time to achieve perspective in all possible senses of the word. It is a good time for education, either formal or informal, for getting in touch with yourself through self-awareness studies, or for seeing the larger world through travel. Business transactions or negotiations are also favored now. Legal affairs also usually run quite smoothly. From 23 November until 2 December You feel very light-hearted and sociable now and want to spend as much time as possible with others.

This is a good time for taking a vacation, attending social gatherings, or participating in other forms of amusement and fun. It is not conducive to any kind of serious effort, because you are inclined to feel pleasantly lazy and unenterprising. There is also a very strong self-indulgent streak to this influence. Be very careful not to eat or drink too much. Fortunately you have the ability to make others feel good if they are unhappy or depressed, and as a result, people enjoy being around you at this time.

You may have the chance to do favors for others that will eventually be returned. And since you feel generous and giving, you will not mind doing them. In some instances this influence has a way of drawing money or other material resources to you. But don't sit around planning how to spend a sudden windfall from heaven, as many people do with this influence. It is a possibility, but only one among many and not the most likely. Actually it is more likely that you will spend money on objects that you consider beautiful. Others may not appreciate your taste at this time, however, because it tends toward the flashy or gaudy.

Be careful that you don't get stuck with something that will offend your own taste in a soberer moment.

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You have a great desire for beauty, however, and if your taste is sound you will surround yourself with objects that you can enjoy for years and that will also gain in value. From 24 November until 3 December The effects of this influence can vary considerably. On the one hand, it can indicate a "bolt out of the blue" lucky chance or change in fortune, a sudden opportunity that significantly changes your life.

But on the other hand, it can indicate such restlessness and impatience with restrictions that you create a major disturbance in your life in your efforts to become free. Under any circumstances you are likely, rightly or wrongly, to see change as the only way to get ahead, and to a certain extent this is always true.

But the danger here is that you will seek change for its own sake and not take the time to examine carefully which changes will be most effective. There is a strong tendency to be negatively suggestible, that is, to always go in the opposite direction from any pressure. Freedom in general is very important to you at this time, and you will work very hard to get it in some area.

In relationships, this can be disruptive because you are likely to be hostile toward anything that keeps you "in line. But opportunity will probably come, if you can maintain a certain degree of restraint without putting yourself into such a straitjacket that you cannot move when the opportunity presents itself. You do in fact need freedom from something at this time, and you will probably get exactly what and how much you need, as long as you avoid moving so quickly and impulsively that you ruin your chances for creative change. If you remain calm, you will suddenly see and be able to take an opportunity to get ahead or to become free from restriction.

Be patient, and you will discover that not much more patience is required. Transits of the year - Forecast for 12 months based on your transits, by Robert Hand. This report brings light into the mysterious darkness of the future and shows you which topics will be relevant for you during the course of a year. Full version in the shop. From 25 December until 2 January This is a time of increased optimism and self-confidence.

You feel capable of doing much more than you have ever done, and you are willing to make the effort. This influence quite often signifies success in your public or social life.

12222: The Year Ahead for Your Sign

Others will look to you for leadership, for they recognize your self-confidence and see that you deserve it. You have a good idea about where you want to go at this time, and you have probably mastered the techniques and skills needed to get there and have acquired the material resources as well. Under this influence you may gain financially, but you are not likely to squander your money.

You will use it to get ahead. Even if nothing very obvious happens on the material plane, as may be the case, this is usually a time of inner peace and contentment. You feel good about yourself, with none of the torments and insecurities that may afflict you at other times. Your confidence comes over to other people, and they feel good being with you. As a result you may be able to support or cheer up someone who is not feeling very well.

At this time you should be careful not to overextend yourself or become overcommitted in your boundless enthusiasm. Keep in mind that even now your energies are finite.

Leo 2014 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

From 26 January until 4 February This period can represent the culmination of a long drive for success or power. However, it is very important that you proceed with caution, because the forces opposing you are likely to be strong, unless you make a special effort to placate them. This can be a time when you gain power in some way to change and affect the lives of those around you. But it can also be a time when all your efforts come to nothing, and you find yourself losing out in a perpetual war with people in power.

Sometimes this influence can stimulate a rather ruthless desire to get ahead.

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Most of us are tempted to cut corners, but that can have very unfortunate consequences, for this influence can indicate trouble with the law or even arrest. In fact you should do as little as possible to arouse the authorities against you, because this influence is so likely to create just that problem. Another problem can be obsessive or fanatical behavior, feeling that you alone are right about some matter to the point that you are unwilling to hear any other point of view. Avoid becoming totally convinced of your own righteousness, and do not try to force your own views upon others.

Your ideas may in fact be quite good, but your problem comes from the style you would be likely to use. You must try to be open to other points of view and be able to compromise. It is also possible that you may try to coerce someone into doing something that he or she doesn't want to do, or someone may try to coerce you. You can avoid the negative side of this influence if you have built up your affairs carefully and enlisted the aid of others in your efforts, making them understand that you are also working for their interest.

And even if you are encountering the negative effects, it is not too late to enlist other people's aid. You may have to enlarge your personal goals to encompass a group's goals, but it can be done.

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