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Like a Taurus, Sebastian looks before he jumps, making him an excellent, stable sidekick to balance out the free-spirited Ariel. Meeko, like a Gemini, fears all things boring, which is why he is constantly running around and getting into trouble. His carefree attitude makes him the perfect adventure buddy for Pocahontas. Cancers are defensive individuals. They are always looking out for themselves, their friends, and their families, like Tinker Bell always has Peter Pan's back.

Although they can come across as rude and hard to get to know, if you can gain their trust, you will see that there is more to them than their hard exteriors. Tinker Bell and other Cancers are secretively really caring people. Pascal is a Leo because he is warm and positive. Whenever Rapuznel gets sad about not being able to leave her tower, Pascal is quick to give her encouragement. Also like a Leo, Pascal can be a leader when he needs to by pushing Rapunzel to make the right decisions.

Genie is a Virgo because he loves to do things for others. Every single time Aladdin needs some help, Genie is there to do whatever he can, which usually includes granting wishes. Genie is also a busy individual with immense talent and a good judge of character. Libra: OLAF. Like a Libra, Olaf is very chill.

No matter how crazy things get, he is able to just go with the flow. Olaf and other Libras know how to enjoy life and stop to smell the flowers every once in a while. Because Olaf is so relaxed, others find him incredible charming and sweet. Reed : I rest my case.

Video Games. The 12 signs appear as powerups in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth , giving the player certain upgrades. Aries increases speed and lets you deal damage to enemies by running at them. Taurus slows the player down, but when in a room full of enemies you build up speed over time, eventually getting the My Little Unicorn effect.

Gemini gives Isaac a little buddy attacked to him that attacks enemies when they get close.

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Leo allows the player to break rocks, mushrooms, skulls, etc. Virgo has a chance to make the player invincible after taking damage and makes all negative pills positive. Libra balances the player's stats and gives 6 coins, bombs, and keys. Scorpio gives the player's tears poison effects. Sagittarius makes the player's tears penetrate enemies and increases speed.

Capricorn increases all stats. Aquarius leaves a trail of tears behind the player, damaging enemies that step in it. Pisces increases tear fire rate and the amount of knockback enemies take from tears. The various Final Fantasy games typically provide birthdates for the main cast in the supplementary material. These dates are at least occasionally chosen with the associated sun sign in mind.

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Squall is depicted as introverted, introspective, outwardly cold and inwardly moody, perfectionistic and hyper-critical of both himself and others, but also practical and consummately loyal and dutiful - all traits commonly ascribed to Virgos. Despite his extreme displeasure at being thrust into leadership another Virgo characteristic , however, when tested he proves to have an innate talent for it more commonly associated with Leo, as well as that sign's great courage, charisma, and pride.

Squall's love interest is Rinoa Heartilly, a Pisces. The Virgo and Pisces signs stand opposite one another on the Zodiacal wheel, and are said to attract and complement one another: Virgo's practicality and industriousness helps to anchor the dreamy Pisces and provide them with discipline, while Pisces softens Virgo emotionally. This is precisely the dynamic which develops between Squall and Rinoa over the course of the game. Final Fantasy Tactics gave every character, generic and specific alike, a Zodiac sign. The relationships between the signs, usually ignored in most usages of the Western Zodiac in pop culture, were actually integrated into the strategy in this case.

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The 13th sign, Serpentarius, is neutral to the other twelve signs, but only one character in the entire game has it. Not to belabor the point, but this also helps in Shipping : since you get to decide what Player Character Ramza Beoulve's birthday is, you can set him up with or against anyone you want. However, and against all logic, Ramza, a charismatic and passionate hero of the story he is, he's canonically Capricorn. Which absolutely fits with his ideals of defining yourself by your actions rather than what others even the stars!

Collect all twelve and the engravings on them form a love story about who captured the heart of Virgo; suggest the existence of a 13th coin Ophiuchus and you'll be tasked with following the clues on each coin a series of directions to conclude the story. They point to the location of one of the previous coins, where the Ophiuchus is found with the final engraving. Fun Astrology Genie

That moment meant everything. Web Comics. Calamities of Nature provides the perfect response to the notorious pick-up line, "What's your sign? In addition to matching their personalities sensitive, reluctant to leave home Cog is a Cancer, altruistic, intellectual Christian is an Aquarius, outgoing, egotistical lion-man Leonardo is a Leo , some signs go together thematically— main characters Cog and Alexander , born on the summer and winter solstices respectively, have opposing signs Cancer and Capricorn, as do Prince Boris and his father the Emperor in Aries and Libra.

Homestuck : Each of the twelve internet Trolls who hassle the characters take their handles from a symbol of the Western Zodiac. For example, "carcinoGeneticist" for Cancer. Their actual names are also based on their sign for example, Tavros is derived from Taurus , and use the symbol of their zodiac sign as their associated symbol. A lot of the trolls' various quirks and interests although not necessarily their personalities are also related in some fashion to their representative sign. For example, Sollux Gemini is obsessed with bifurcation and duality, Equius Sagittarius has a thing for horses and archery.

Even their guardians fit the motif. Later it even turns out they created the constellations of the Zodiac, and thus the astrology itself. They're not patterned after the Zodiac, the Zodiac is patterned after them. In Act 6, a troll based on the Ophiuchus sign appears, and then that character's brother turns up with an alternate version of that sign. It's initially unclear what these characters' relations are to the first twelve, though this is established in The Reveal.

Turns out the two characters are aliens called "Cherubs" who read about the trolls' exploits as children and created their troll personas as an expression of Fandom. Also, they can turn into giant interlocking snakes, as depicted in Ophiuchus. For the tie-in videogame, Hiveswap , a test was released using the "Extended Zodiac", the symbols that trolls use in general. Being as he lives on Earth specifically, in Canada , Thrust of Insecticomics follows the Western zodiac in his astrology rather than some Cybertronian variant.

His reasons for using the one in the newspaper, however, are unknown. Zodiac features a team of twelve superpowered individuals okay It seems that none of them were given their aliases by accident - all of their birthdays coincide with the sign they are named after. The reason for this isn't clear yet, but definitely set up in-universe. Western Animation. Word of God says that the titular character of Hey Arnold! Fans have noted that Libra and Aries are compatible and use this as more evidence of their future relationship. Jerrica from Jem was born on the 1st of June, making her a Gemini. She has an alter ego as the titular Jem. Leading to this exchange at one point: Gemini: I am Gemini!

Ron: Dude, I am Virgo, but what's your name? Real Life. The "Age of Aquarius" refers to a time period starting roughly in the mid-to-late 20th century that will last for the next two millenia.

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This is popular in works influenced by the hippie culture of the '60s. Well, sort of, anyway — dates given for the start of the Aquarian Age each age lasting years range from AD to See the other wiki's article. Sayers and Viney's The Bad News Horoscope was a deliberate attempt to subvert the generally happy, positive, upbeat, Linda Goodman school of astrology which placed undue emphasis on all the nice things people like to read about their own star sign and by extension themselves.

Aries - Big kid.

Throws tantrums. Easily managed in a three year old - but not in a thirty-three year old. Aries people never grow up and have no sense of responsibility. Taurus - Stubborn. Leaves a lot of bullshit wherever they go. Notably, other people have to clean it up. Is never, ever, in the wrong. Famous Taurean: Adolf Hitler. Gemini - Schizophrenic criminal, confidence trickster, sociopath, not to be trusted with money.

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Cancer - Moody. Even Cancer men have PMT. Opera diva. If male, will be fascinated with war and weaponry. Famous Cancerian: Heinz Guderian, Nazi panzer general. Leo - Egotist. Exaggerated opinion of own talent, ability, worth. Loves gold. No dress sense. Appalled by all the nasty smells and bodily emissions involved in sex - this explains the association with virginity.

If really badly aspected, a pervert. Pick your perversion. Libra - Terminally indecisive. No personality. Says "Um Scorpio - Ruthless sadist. Evil personified. Sagittarius - Clumsy, stupid, hearty. The sign of rugby players and, cruelly, people who are incapable of spelling their own star-sign. Capricorn - Snobbish social climbers. The connection between these…. Which one is the Best Sign For Sagittarius? With which signs is Sagittarius more compatible with? Before we reveal the…. Scorpio and Cancer Attraction Surely we know that the sensitivity and emotion which they are gifted with allow them to….

Leo and Virgo Marriage Without any doubt Leo and Virgo marriage isn't the best combination in the zodiac. Also, this…. Search for:. Personal Characteristics.