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Control your states and reactions, as you can spoil good relationships and situations. Rest your consciousness, adopt a proper diet, and keep in touch with various health care professionals. The socio-professional segment is very animated, highlighting conflicts at work, especially with women. Remember what is happening in the professional sphere, because the premises of what will follow in the coming years are underway.

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Professionally, however, they will have to make serious adjustments and realize they have accepted a lot to indulge in unreasonable situations, so it is necessary to radically change some aspects in this regard. Family relationships, professional relationships, close relations with the entourage become active due to eclipses on the Leo, Aquarius and Cancer signs. Major changes in mentality, the reconfiguration of these relationships, the detachment from situations that have turned out to be outdated.

In the partnership, marriage, divorce, separation of old collaborations, and involvement in others are entirely new. Some Taurus will marry in or change their relational status in one way or another. Gemini is oriented towards a more appropriate lifestyle, they have to learn, of course, to explore more subtle areas within them.

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They can turn to a process of spiritual development. A very good year for health and for the socio-professional environment in which you work. It relieves or even disappears old affections, finds great natural remedies to improve the whole state of the organsim and information obtained by unconventional ways will bring you viable solutions for all the situations you are involved in or want to get involved with. Professionally, you can improve working conditions, payroll, and possibly another much better paid job with a very interesting and varied activity.

Some Gemini find their dream job, others develop a business, increase their team, increase their performance, know exactly what they want. The financial segment is vulnerable until August 6, especially common expenses with others, inheritances, parcels, business investment.

Prudence and avoidance of any kind of debt are recommended.

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It is necessary to rely on the money coming from your own work and your own strengths, as some doors are closed and the area of favors or material benefits narrowed. Some Gemini will have to draw clear boundaries within associations or share money and goods after breaks. With regard to the sentimental plan, Gemini will review the way they give love, reevaluate their feelings, take a step back to look more closely at their relationship and involvement October-November. Many Gemini have to recognize mistakes they have made. From November, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius and brings joy in the relational plane, even possible new alliances.

Uranus will leave your friends for a while and move to the secret area of your destiny. This will accentuate the tendency to isolation, the proximity to esoteric disciplines, but it will also influence the conflicts in the workplace. Carefully observe what is happening both in the health plan and in the professional plan, as it is a preamble of what will follow in the years to come. The formation of eclipses on the Leo Signs, Aquarius, Cancer brings you influences in your relationship with your closest entourage, remodeling your mentality and philosophy of life.

For Cancer, means serious reconfiguration with regard to their individuality and creativity, which have been overtaken so far. Cats can get rid of constraining social relationships, from projects that do not represent them, from frustrating life contexts. Sentimental and partner relationships are the main topics of You want to love and be loved, but this time you will no longer accept any kind of compromise, no matter who or what it is.

There are chances to get involved in a new sentimental relationship or where you are already going to radically change your terms and conditions of operation. Children will also come into discussion, plans to have children, or decide to get involved more or less in the life of younger generations. The partner relationships segment is very animated, with the possibility of separation, divorce, reconfiguration of all relationships with both a life partner and professional relationships.

Let not guilt take control over you, instead look out for real marks in the direction of your love life. Through the year you would be learning many hard lessons regarding relationships, the hard way, though. Certain professional encounters might be converted into positive relationships, beware. From the middle of the year, things seem to heat up in the love area for Taurus natives. A better understanding of yourself and that of your partner goes a long way in improving your emotional love life. As the year moves on, much progress can be expected in the love front for Taurus guys.

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Time would be by your side, keep going and stay clear of rifts and misconceptions for the year. The general financial status of earthy Taurus guys would be quite good in year You would be able to settle long-term debts and loans this year. However it would be quite difficult for you to stick to your budget plans. Around the middle of the year, things shall start to straighten up in your financial arena.

Laying low and sticking to a thrifty lifestyle would save you from major financial debacles this year. Make wise decisions before embarking on major financial make-over. Give emphasis to saving for major events that are due later on. Some of your financial spending might affect your general mood and behavior too.

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Though some of you Taurus guys are not to be in good shape this year, your general energy levels would be quite good for the period. Certain lifestyle changes are called from you this year, if you ought to continue in good health. Bad health indulgences need to be given off to overcome the consequences. With time there would be major shake-ups in the health front for Taurus natives.

From the middle of the year, natives are advised to take up some sport or recreation to while their spare-time. Recharge your batteries when you get the opportunity. Pamper your body and soul, to regain your true self and get back to your healthy self. The year brings family and its issues to the fore for Taurus people. It would be the end of the road for some important relationships in life though. New relationships do come in as the year starts off. Spread out your wings and encumber all around, do not let anyone at home to feel left out this season. Certain sacrifices would be called on your part as well at home.

This would be the best time to get to the bottom of things as far as some legal matters are concerned. But then do not make hasty decisions, reflect and contemplate and bank on the huge advantage of your family this year. Also you would be able to get your point across with minimal effort this period. The year ahead is great for travelling for Taurus people. Many short journeys and long distant overseas trips are on the cards. The transit of Jupiter aids for business related journeys and pleasure through the year ahead.

The year starts on a decent note for Taurus guys. Through the month you need to make certain adjustments and concentrate on areas that you have given least importance of late. It could most probably your professional side. You would be more dynamic than before. Happiness at home brings you solace.

February calls for much dedication on your part if you ought stay above the sinking ship. New opportunities are abound, make the right choice. This would be an ideal time to make an important decision regarding your financial future. A real estate deal might see light these days.

March would start on a moody note for most Taurus people. As the month moves on you would be able to see a clearer future ahead. Beware of old problems cropping up in life. Take a break if you feel like.

Prakash Astrologer 12222

With the Mercury retrograde around this is a time to just wait and watch, do not venture into unknown territory. With the Mercury retrograde effects stilling around, it is time to go slow on your endeavors. Do not heed to past hitches. Look out at the bright perspective ahead. This would be a time when you would be able to see the positive side of your life more vividly. Do not rest on your laurels though.

With the Sun in your sign, you are loaded with much energy. You would be able to notice change all around you. Be patient when you approach major obstacles as they might be the door for change. Not everything would be rosy around. An intelligent and wiser move would help you loads all this month. June might ask you to abandon the path you have been treading for long and take a new detour. However make the right decisions after weighing the pros and cons. The new path might be alluring, be cautious and forge ahead. Some of you guys might prepare for a long overhaul this month.

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Things might seem quite precarious this July for Taureans. Find out what you need to do for a strong footing. Try to stabilize your position both on a personal and professional level. Taking a solid stride would help you to face an uncertain future with certainty. Taurus people are in for some major disruptions this month. Do not get hooked onto your emotions and sentiments now.

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This would be a time to sort issues at home, particularly intra-personal relationships need to be sorted out this time. The territory ahead looks quite adventurous.

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  • Start the ride. The month ahead would make you more constructive and thoughtful. A good time to spend quality time with loved ones. Love and be loved.