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Remember Me. His lucky item was a badge in the shape of frog head, proudly pinned on his uniform's chest pocket.

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It shone a vibrant green, corresponding to his lucky color. Cancer was ranked 6th in Oha-Asa that Friday; a tolerable rank, but still bordering in the middle. Of course, this was purely driven by utter denial because the case was the exact opposite. And yet, he could have pretended that it wasn't true and just brushed off the topic if he had reacted more inconspicuously about the matter.

Instead, he stood dumbfounded in front of one of many bookshelves, an obvious pause midway sliding a book to its proper place, thus making it hover over the ledge. He carefully processed the words which he wished he ignored, and grimaced. These books are very heavy," Kuroko spoke when the pile of reading materials he carried was beginning to take a toll on his arms.

Steer clear from an Aquarius at all costs to avoid a disastrous encounter. As much as Midorima would like to stay out of harm's way as his fortune stated, he missed to see a particular note on his agenda, that he was to offer assistance in the Library Committee that same afternoon. Coincidentally, the one that he and Kuroko shared, and it was too late to request for a change of shifts. By this time, Midorima had already regained a bit composure and lifted the excess load from Kuroko's arms.

He inspected the silent phantom player skeptically, contemplating on his next course of action before setting the stack of books on the cart with a thud. Kuroko had been a good little helper, handing out books and filing papers as he was told. They could have gone without talking for the remainder of the afternoon, but Kuroko decided to be initiative today. Perhaps even he noticed that something wasn't right. Midorima pushed his glasses up with neatly taped fingers. He let out an exasperated sigh as he resumed with his task, inserting each book in its respective place with a tad more force than usual, a profound expression of his aggravation.

With this, everything is in perfect order. You never know when misfortune will strike. T: Well, yeah. The amount of effort you put in is way past incredible. Although watching you kinda makes me want to test it out. T [out of breath] : Hey, Shin-chan, do you remember a while back, when you said it was unacceptable for Kuroko to go to Seirin?


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You said that choosing the right school is another part of doing everything in your power to succeed. T: So then the reason you chose Shuutoku was the result of that approach, so you could meet the requirements for being chosen by fate, am I right? M: Naturally. It was thanks to Oha Asa, of course. That was the conclusion derived after examining the issue from all possible perspectives.

T: Shuutoku is the team you need in order to win, right? So basically, the fact that we became teammates must be fate nanodayo. T: Haha, well, either way, I chose Shuutoku for the same reasons—so I could go to Inter-High and win the championship. Especially not to Kuroko. M: Hn. But in order to accomplish that goal, you must first do all that is humanly possible in order to succeed. My archaeology research is applicable to fandom! Who knew?

Wh e n w e ta l k of age and maraka,our attentiongoesto 8th, 2nd and 7th houses. Both the yogas are bad for a ch ild. Secondquarterof Pushya,P. Fourthquarterof Pushya,P. Refer Annexure ll v a Moola t9 Firstquarter Dangerto father 3. Secondquarter Fourthquarter Firstquarter. The Moon is posited in 6th, 9th or the 12th f rom Lagna and has PAC with malefic- the child dies soon. The retrograde benefic in 6th, 9th or 12th and has PAC with malefic- death occurs within a month.

Thebirthis Gandanta begining of Leo [referpara v i Lagna "44' Sun. Balanceof Mars dashaat birth 5 yrs -9 mths -4 days R e f e rP a r a T h e fa th e ro f th e n a ti ve r ecover ed aftersomedays. Example lll 1. Balanceof Saturn dashaat birth 6yrs -2mths days. In case of odd Lagnaadd the resultto longitudeof the calculation Sun.

T his s h o w st h a t t o ta ll i fesp a ni s d i vi d e di nto9 spans: Firstanalysein whichof thesethreemajorGroups given the age of the nativefallsin. Saturnbeingretrograde giveseffectfromLeoalso 4. Ju p i te ris in M ar s constellation and Marsin Jupiter'sconstellation. The marakascausereduction which i n lo n g e v i t yT. Jupiteris the lordof 12thpositedin 6th and afflicted b y S a t u r na n d R a h u. Thus Mercuryalsobecame Ma ra k a.

T h i s s u b j e ct w i l l b e b e tte r u n d e rstoodfor practicalpurposes,if studiedalong with the Gochara Transit , whichpin pointsthe exacttime of fructification,. He w'ill have emaciated body,. F o n do f m u s i c l , ft a n d d e l i ciousdr inks, m a y b e i n s t ru me n ta so : happyor tastymeals,gettogetherandof society. He willbe intellligent. TheSun is a f ieryplanetin the signof Venus Bhoga willdestroythecomforts enemy's house or the soulmaynotbe interestedin wordlythings. F ro rnGe mi n ithe , Sun is lord of 3rd sign.

The combinination of Sun and Mercurygivesa yogaknownas "Budh- Adityayoga" whichis verycommonyoga,whichmeansthe native is h i g h l y i n t e l l i g e n t,ski l l fu li n a l l w o r ks, good personalrespectand has all comforts reputation, of l i f e. He is strong,cruel,independent, has organising capacity and talent for p r o p a g a n d aH. He w i l l f a c e f r u stra ti o nd, e stru cti o nand heavy expenditure.

He will have fear from poison,fire,. H e ma y h ave m ilitar y lustforwar,andsurgicalskill. Sun in Sagittarius i H e w i l l p o s se ssa b ro a da n d b e a u ti fulphysique' energetic etc. B u t i s n o w mo vi n gto w a rdspoint of exaltation. The intentionmay not be clear. He may so earn wealth on account of. H e will be won overby women. Moonin Marssign maycausewounds,soresetc.


S tro n gMo o nw i l lg i vea l l auspicious results. Moon in Taurusnot goodfor parentsas we have seen in the case of lord Krishna. The Moon in the sign of Venuswill make the native. He is well read, learned in , l fu li n a rt, poetr yetc. Mo o n Ma n as chanchal unsteadly hassimilar and Mercury intelligence n a t u r e.

H e is str ong? G e t s success because of wise nature. T h e native has fixed nature and power to take. H e has acute p insight, ower to conversate, has many l i kesm usicand d a u g h t e r sHe. Moon in Sagittarius i The native has broad face, large teeth, d i s f i g u r e dn a i l sa n d a r m s. Ma rsg e tsexaltation in this sign. Moon is also Ucchhabhilashi. H e has orEanising capacity, valorous and c o m m a n d i n gn a t u r e.

NativehavingMars in Aries in his birth c h a r t w i l l b e h a r d w o r k i n g ,c o m m a n d i n g , learned,grandpersonality and loveci r courageous, by all. One who haswit, wealthand couragecan onlycommandrespectand enjoysloveof others. He has numerous enemies. B u t a s Me rcu ryi s stro n gin this sign, of the sign will prevail. Venus the characteristics is debilitated i n t h i ss i g n. He has no per sons.

Venushas instinctfor worldlyachievements. Mars has its own maritalqualities. Ma r s a fier y planet and this sign is an Airy one. T h e native is attachedto trade. He has loving and devotedwife. This sign i s Mo o l tri ko n -a S th anaof Jupiter. M ar s is most powerful. This is the tenthhouseof Zodiac. Accor ding to some learnedastrologershe will lackwisdom a n d d e v o i do f a sso ci a ti o nw i th a rts. The Sun and goodfor wisdom. T h e w e a k n e s so f of the Mercuryis that he inheritsthe qualities The with. Me rcu ryi s i n fall so the native is in service of others, peevish, d e p e n d e n te t c.

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The nativewill be stately,elegant,will have,self im p o r t a n c e li , b e ra l ,w e l l re a d ,cre a tiveability, loved by all, inclinedto self-gratification. The housesconnectedare Sth,9th, 6 t h a n d 8 t h. Gems,sons,wife,wealth,happiness V a ra h aM ihir aand b y a ttri b u te d e f f e cts t h e are G u n a k a r af or Ju p i te ro ccu p yi n gC ancer. J u p i t e ri n t h i s royal sign will confername, fame and will give positionin life.

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Fromthe youththe nativewill rise and get success. Jupiter in Libra. T h e n a ti vew i l l be hasty in action and exhaustionf rom over activity. Thequalities p re va i l mo re u p o n th e native. He o f L i b r aw i l l will be handsome, f ree, oPen minded,. He will be expertin shastras,be a king,willbe commentator o f m a n y B h a sh ya s i. Jupiter is lor d o f 2 n d a n d 5 th si g n ve ry g o o d situation , , from Pisces in 9th again good and from Dhanus in 12th not good. Jupiter is. A l l the qualities described in i above are J u p i t a r i a ni.

Th e n a t i v ew i l l b e ta l e b e a re r,b e i l l disposed, interestedin eviljobs,chiefamonghis. The sages have given the mixed re s u l t si n i a b o ve. T h i s ma y b e o n accountof Jupiter. T h e rema y be tr oubles on account of women,wine and in family matters. The nativewill respectwomen,will enjoywealth a n d h a p p i n e ss,l e ssvi ri l i ty,b e d e a rto r elatives' b e m i s e r a b l ei n sp i teo f h i s h a p p i n e ss,will help others, respect Brahmins, elders and p r e c e p t o r sV. Sun' w i l l g e t w e a lthand also c a u s i n gd i s tu rb a n ce , ' help others, will be famous and will take premature decisions due to haughty t e m Pe r a m e n t.

That was a movable, fiery and odd sign. He will be a scholar. T h e a u s p ici o u se ffe ctso f S th ,1 Oth,gth and 4th Kendraand Trikonasthanas will alsobe there. He may be of Saturnhavingbad resultsdueto combination of because fortunes have also will Venus,but good relationsbetweenSaturnandVenus. He will be courteous,liberal,virtuous,verywealthy, ' wil l d e s t r o ye ne mi e s,b e fa mo u si n the wor ld, dearto king,be endowed distinguished, excellent, w i sd o m,b e l i ber al,will g o o d a n d s p e e ch wit h derivewealthand respectfrom the virtuous,will k e e p u p h i s pro mi se ,w i l l ma i n ta i nhis family , membersand be endowedwith knowledge.

Ju p i ta ri a ne ffectwill make. H e d o e s n o t h a vesympathy for gentle people-theseare described in Mansagri. He may sufferf rom windydiseases rheumatism e t c. T h e n a ti ve will own wealth, all worldlycomfortsand will have b e l o v e dw i f e , d e vo i do f w e a l thi n th e boyhood, will suffer many diseases, be learned,.

F ro mC a p ri co rnth e Satur nis in 8th and from Aquarius again in 7th.

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Saturn in Libra. L i b r a i s mooltrikona sign of Venus. Saturn is yogakaraka lord. The native will have mark on body caused in fightingetc. There may be lossesand gainsof money. Saturnis lord of 1Othand 11th of Zodiacin 11th. The nativeis soft natureand polite famousfor his qualitiesandwisdom, in behaviour, and skilfulin helpingothersand very wealthy. He will be fond of sacrifices and arts, fruuwffiu: be chiefamonghis relativesand wealth,be friendsb , e c a l m,w i l lh a vei n cre a sing of b ,e ca p a b l e diamond s k i l f u li n p ol i cy-ma ki n g testing1rcvftarg1,bevirtuous,modestandwillrise to a authorativeposition,duringlaterpart of life.

Rahu and Ketu give the resultsof the sign they occupy. When beneficplanets are vii ChandradY h io g a situatedin 6th,7th, and 8th Ad h i Yo g a fro mth e Mo o n. The lordof navamshaof the Moonis exaltedandthe birth is of daytime. Someare of the view that the Moon bhouldbe waxingone. In ca seo f ma l e ,i f the bir th is during day time, the lagna, the Sun and the Mo o na re i n o d d signs. The Yogas making the king c Vimal.

Ketu Saturn R. The example is given here to explain and un d e rs t a n dt h e r e su l ts. T h e n a t i v e w a s b o r n i n a w e l l e d u c a t e da n d respected family,gothighereducation, joirredas lecturer, was promotedas a reader,wentabroad,was appointed as a Professor on his return to India, got an ap p o in t m e nat s h e a do f a g o ve rn me nitn stitution,got an e d u c a t e dw i f ea nd i s h a p p yw i th p ro sp er ous family.

Saturn Ketu. H e w i l l b e co n te n ted,happy andwelldressed. He will write nice poetryand will b e c o m ef a m o u s. Jupiter Ketu R. Mars Allahabad Rahu Venus. H e w i l l h a vefa i th fulser vants andwillbe generous. Mars Lagna Saturn. T h e n ative bor n even in this yoga will get fame, will have sons, wealth and also recievesgood wishes for his welfare. This is the opinion of Rishis. The native will be victorious over his enemies and will be an emperor. B"-0' 8"29"', S i n ce th e n h e had been leadinga miserablelife,likea beggartillhe diedin Result: The nativewill be wealthy,intelliggnt,endowed withvirtues,willbe lovedby kingandsplendorous.

The differences are 1. Venusand Moon if aspectingeach other, give very good results. Ju p i te ri s exalted. Jupiter K. Rao Oct. H e h a s p r o d u c e dn u m e r o u sr e s e a r c h e s p u b l i s h q di n Astrological Magazine, Times of Astrology, Jyotishmati,RashmiVigyanetc. Jupiter R Rahu Saturn. According to Jataka Parijata-. He livestor 7Oyears,will Jie near the temple. ChartVlll and X given d The two illustrations arethe bestexamples. He studiesand understands the sacred scriptures,he is learned, Cleverin.

H e will enjoy all pleasures in life, will be prosperous,. So this yogatoo give an inclination g i ve s p re dominently V e n u s. Th e n a t i v ew i l l h a vesma l lte e tha n d smallface, will be inhabitant of mountains, angry temperament, cheat,very braveandcourageous, fondof livingin far off places,forests,mountains, f o rt s , n e a r t h e b a n k o f ri ve r,w i l l h a ve m iddle-.

He will be famous. He may become war. These This is all aboutPanchmahapurusha well as from as lagna yogas from reckoned five the Moon willbe foundeffectivefrombothplaces willconferon the nativean empireand perfection. He will be fortunate,if all the f ive,or four,or three or two or one arethere,the nativewill be emperor superiorto any emperoror kingor likea kingand head of village,city etc.

S o me ti me sh i s l u ckd awnsand sometimesfade away. The sign becoming6th house will the concernedlimbof the body. H e w i l l e n j o y mediocrehappinessin mattersof wealth' Parashara. Note: Refer earlier discussion under. The nativewill not be ableto achievesuccess or to do any work because of lack of will haveenmityfeelings. The Mahadahsa was of Mercury positedin lagna yogakaraka and formingRajayogawith t h e Su n , t h e l o r d o f 4 th A n ta ra o f V e nus Vipr eet Rajayoga lordof 1st and 6th and pratyantarof Mercury, Th e t r o u b l es ta rte di n Me rcu ry-V e n us - Satur n O c t o b e r2 3 , 1 9 8 2to A p ri l4 , 19 8 3.

The fall of Mr. Rahu-Venuswas the periodrunning whenshe wonwhatmustrankas one of the best f inalsin recentmemoryon December24, Example Sunrise. Example i. T h e n a ti vewill attain kingdom. Sloka 16 Chapter35 Saravalf. Jupiter in debilitation. We can conclude that the strong position of Jupiter important for steady and healthy progress, peace and tranquility , Sun and Moon powers , Venus Rajasic, a karaka for worldly pleasures and comforts and the 11thhouse is a must for a powertul Rajayoga to give auspicious and full results. Refer Chart XVlll 7th lord exalted in Sth.

Mars: Wealthy,stable progress and comfo. HeredebilitatedMercuryis in lagnaand also with Moon. In the wor ds o f Dr. P r e d i cti vep a rt o f A stro l o g yis a super s c iJ nceo f q c i e n ce sw h i ch h e l p s u s to r ead out the effectoftheseplanetarycombinations.

Res u lt s d e p e n d u p o n h o n e stY The sages have give;r many tools to test the of the data furnished. Some authenticity correctness d i s c u s s e di n t h e c h a p t e r o n h a v e b e e n of these "Rectificationof birth charf". An astrologermust follow. Gyanendriya Frqkd 1. Air skin eqftrkq, qf,, ffin - Presidingdeity i s Va y u q q , th e w o rk i s to fe e l o r touch.

The questionof lossesand gains,life and death, or def a m ea n d f a m ei s i n th e h a n d so f Go d. One should not be worriedaboutone'sfame,reputation and should not do self praise.

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Hencethese booksare before. Here I will restrictmy discussion t o g iv e a h i n t. The horoscopewhich have planetsin kendra is a s t ro n gh o r o s c o p el. The horoscopeis strongdue to benefics beingpositedin kendraas wellthe beneifcsin kendra safeguardthe nativef rom all Arishtas.

The positionof both maleficand benefic planetstogether give mixed results. The horoscopehas strength. U The dasha balance at birth, and the order of the dashas which the native is supposedto get d u r i n g h i s l i fe ti me. The fourthhousesignifiesmother,conveyance, house properties,etc. The astrologerwill have to find out the proper indicationsfor any one of these.

In the prdsentcase understudy we need to study -the DwadashamshaChart. U n l e ssth e re i s a d a sh a of the planet involvedin any Arishtayoga or Rajayoga,the native will neithersuffernor enioyon accountof suchyogas. T h e r e w i l l be mi n o r p e ri o d so f A ntar dasha'of the planetsinvolvedin Rajayogawhichwill give some effectsof these yogas. Nowwe will proceedstePbYsteP: Readingof the Ghart Housewisereading i Lagnalord positedin 9th ; As soon as wF seethat lagnalordis positedin 9th it shows that thereis someconnectionbetweentfle The lord of 1st houseand bhagyasthana' kendraas lagna is kendra trikonasthan positedin trikona,a.

Srd lord positedin 6th; A lord of Triksthana i n a b a d h ou se ,n o t b a d. The lord of 4th posited in 7th ; A lord of kendrastahana is posited in another k e n d r a s t h a n an,o t b a d. B u t th e b eneficwho is lord of kendrahas a kendradhipatya d o s h a. T he n a ti ve 'ssp o u sew i l l be active, nature. The tord of 11th,Mars is in 9th: A very good p o s i t i o nf or Ma rs.

T h i s sh o w s connection between the Karmasthana and the The lord of strongestkendra Bhagyasthana. Mercury the lord of 12th in 6th ; Mercury is i n a n e u t r a l 'sh o u se , a l so ca u singVipr eet Rajayoga. The native will be able to make his fortune by his own elfortq karma and wisdom. The fifth h o u s e i s e d u ca ti o n ,ch i l d re na n d also mind, mentality,inclinationand planning.

H e rea lso,if we see from 9th house,there is relationof 5th and 9th which shows the native's father will also be very religiousand well placedin life. T h e ' retrogradeplanet is treated to give effect of the previoushouse also. Ju p iter being retrogradeis alsogiving5th aspecton 2nd house. The native will have to incur heavy expenses' t he a s p e c to f J u p i t e rf ro m 11 th h o u sew i l l n everallow the native to feel dearth of money.