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I was so bummed to realized you only published a handful of episodes. Please come back!! I final understand the three types of energy and want to have that depth of understanding for all the other terms and jargon! Apple Podcasts Preview. Show 1 More Episode. Customer Reviews See All. Elevation with Steven Furtick. Elevation Church.


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What's Astrology for Witches about?

The Bible Project. You learn by doing, not by memorizing outdated lies and superstitions.

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This is our official Tarot academy textbook, the same one we use to turn beginners into professionals. This hands-on time and practice is essential or you will be trapped in the cycle of buying more and more Tarot books that only make you more and more reliant on them for card meanings. Here is what you will by reading this book: What your cards are telling you every time you ask a question. What various meanings your cards can have how else can 78 cards describe the thousands of things that could happen to you on any given day? How to cast a spread and actually get reliable answers The best spreads to use, how to use them, and when to use them for any occasion What the cards "traditionally mean" and why that is important, but not more important than what your intuition is telling you "right now" The difference between average Tarot readers and masters is their ability to hear their inner voice , and see how card meanings adapt to the question being asked.

Deep Secrets of The Fool Tarot Card

We help you instinctively see exactly how cards blend, influence, and aspect other cards, and how to answer ANY question, even if you have never picked up a deck. We do this through unique exercises and games, taught nowhere else in the world. Click on the "Look Inside" link above to see exactly how you will quickly and easily master the Tarot.

This is a highly interactive workbook: You don't just read this book and put it on the shelf-you practice what you learn in real time, and you see results instantly from your education. The more you practice the better your results will be and the more you will understand your cards. We even have TONS of free videos every week and audio lessons to supplement your education at our easy tarot lessons website.

This book is the best way to start learning the tarot. When you have completed this book and you want to read cards better than most professional tarot readers you will ever meet, you will want to pick up a copy of Advanced Tarot Secrets. That book will help you get times more information from every spread you cast than anyone you know, and it will teach you the deepest secrets of distance divination and manifestation.

Best of all, unlike any other professionally published tarot book this book comes with complete support. If you ever get lost, stuck, or bored, we are here to help.

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You can find us inside the book. We are here to help you. This is all we do. He is currently working on a complete reinvention of the tarot and several new astrology and tarot books. Dusty is a pioneer of free education on metaphysical subjects and offers free tarot instruction to anyone who wants to learn at easytarotlesson.

He is also the creator of the infamous Nightshade aphrodisiac and the line of Faerie Spell magical herbal candles. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. Some people are mechanics, some are lawyers—I am a teacher. I actually teach professional psychics how to evolve to the next level and how to reach states of consciousness and communication they did not know existed. I am here to help. DW — Napkins! That evolved into scribbling on notepads: ideas for books one day, philosophical concepts, diagrams, it always annoyed my friends.

I was writing down astrological information, which is no surprise as I was a psychic to the stars in Beverly Hills at the time. Can I say that job is more glamor than money? Anyway, so I realized I was halfway through the page and the information was coming at me so fast I would write off the edge of the page.

So naturally I started writing in much larger letters so that I could trick this mysterious voice into letting me go to sleep when I ran out of room at the end of the page. I stomped over to the computer table, plopped down like a petulant 5 year old, and jabbed the power button on the computer so hard I hoped to break it and get to sleep.

Pretty much the next thing I remember I was once again complaining, this time about it being so bright. I leaned over to the left a few inches and got a face full of the rising sun. Some jerk had left the curtains open and I was wide awake now. I scrolled though about 40 pages of text I had written in a zombie trance and saved it before angrily stomping back over to the couch in a vain attempt to get a few hours of sleep if I went to work late.

I got home after work that day and raced over to the computer to see what it was that I had written.

Special episode!: Easy Astrology Lessons episode 8

DW — I have been studying the tarot since I was a kid. I learned by reading some old books and it was hard. The images were all so stagnant. I just could not resonate with them. Sure they looked cool, but it was very off-putting to have to memorize key words and archaic concepts when first picking up a deck. I learned the tarot the hard way and it took years. The more tarot books I read the more frustrated I got. Finally I just decided to write a book and make it really easy. I started with some basic exercises that allow you to pick up a deck and just look at the pictures.

After all that is why tarot decks have pictures on them instead of long lists of key words and paragraphs of explanations. My book is easy because you learn to see with your own eyes first. I have a dozen basic exercises and tarot games that you learn first.

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Just you and the cards. You compare and contrast what you see, blend cards, get inside the cards and ask the people what they are doing and why. Just because it is easy does not mean there is no homework. But one other thing: From the outset I designed the book to be truly interactive. Everyone who owns a copy of the book is allowed to sign up at the forums at advancedtarotsecrets. We play the games online and do the exercises in the forums. It is my job as an author to make sure that people learn the tarot, so I have added all of those things above as a free ongoing bonus.

DW — In one of the first things my then publisher did was hand me two large boxes field with 3-ring binders. I was told these boxes contained the latest information on book marketing and that if I did not study this they would drop me within a month. This was before the internet was a big thing so we had to learn the hard way—very slowly. I read so many stupid manuals I ended up hating book marketing, but I found out so much about the publishing industry that I could probably write three books on it. After my second book was rejected I got frustrated and started looking into self-publishing.

I found my salvation with Booksurge Publishing which was later bought by Amazon. If I want to buy my own book I can get one copy or a hundred or ten thousand, but what would I do with those? I can pay the rent with my royalties alone!

Why Live a Spiritual Life (and how to do it!)

Oh and I get paid monthly. I can go online and see how many books I have sold, and where, 24 hours a day. If I need to fire off a review copy I can click click click and voila a book is sent from the printer the very next day. I can even call my publisher any hour of the day and whine if I am not happy.