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As mentioned earlier, horoscopes and astrological readings depend on our birthdates. If you scroll through various social media platforms, you will see a lot of memes or jokes that revolve around zodiac signs and astrology. Which is why it became so popular in the millennial generation. Astrology has been their avenue in imagining a better future as an escape from whatever crisis or challenges they face today. While science has debunked the idea that astrology works and is a legitimate phenomenon, some people still believe in its power.

Well this is awkward…

On a personal experience, you may have read the different personalities of zodiac signs and associated them with your friends and family. Scenarios like that will somehow make you believe that such things like astrology does affect our lives. For some, astrology is some sort of magic that comforts you until you feel better and face reality once again. A few people use astrology as some sort of tool or life hack in the real world.

To repeat, science has said that astrology, horoscopes, and planet alignments have no effect to our lives in any aspect. However, there are people who believe that astrology is rather a psychological and cultural effect rather than a scientific one. In an interview with The Atlantic , Bertram Malle, a social cognitive scientist at Brown University said that full-fledged astrology, one that goes beyond the typical daily horoscope on a newspaper or the internet, is a very powerful phenomenon.

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Daily Compatibility. The Moon obviously goes through the same cycle month after month, but this year this has become even more important for your relationships.

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