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Senior BJP leader was admitted in AIIMS on August 9.

Modi said Jaitley and BJP shared an unbreakable bond. FE Online - Aug 24, Jaitley's last rites were performed by his son Rohan.

FE Online - Jan 18, FE Online - Aug 09, GST all set to be passed? FE Bureau - Jun 14, PTI - Jun 13, So Punjab elections had all been a family fight between these political dynasties. Congress won the elections with 77 seats out of seats in the legislative assembly in state. AAP got only 20 seats and Akali Dal managed to bag just 15 seats.

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It gave him a surprise victory in the elections. Jupiter is in the 6th house of disease and Rahu is a natural malefic which get the bad asepcts from Sun and Mars. In the horoscope of Captain Amrinder Singh the 4th lord Jupiter and 5th lord Mars falls in the 6th house with 2nd and 3rd lord Maraka Saturn making a yoga for heart aliment. Sun the Karaka for heart is in Aquarius which is not good as per the classical text of medical astrology.

There will be a solar eclipse on the 26th of December right at the natal Moon of Captain Amrinder Singh.

At the time of that solar eclipse the Sun and Moon will be at around 09 degrees and 58 minutes right on the natal Moon of Captain Amrinder Singh in Sagittarius. Jupiter, Ketu, Mercury and Saturn would also be there in Sagittarius. His annual horoscope for completed year 78 given also is also showing very difficult period for his health.

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Dhanu lagna is rising in the annual horoscope which is the Janma lagna of Captain Amrinder Singh. Muntha at the 7th house shows danger for health and longevity. There will be very server threat to his health during December to August This could also be an indication that there will be a war like situation at the international border with Pakistan at the Punjab state.

Do these tales of philanthropy and…. Since he passed away on Saturday a notable number of tributes to Arun Jaitley have come from the opposition ranks. That handsome young man was the vice-president of the Delhi University….

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The Constitution gave a pre-eminent position to the Right to Free Speech. Whereas, the other fundamental rights could be restricted through reasonable restrictions, the Right to Free Speech could only be restricted if the restriction….

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Arun Jaitley, who passed away at the age of 66, loomed large over contemporary Indian politics. He was one of the sharpest minds in BJP, playing a major role in its transformation from winning merely…. In the last months of his life Arun Jaitley largely interacted with Indians via his blogs and tweets. These were pithy without being offensive, and irrefutable.

In a way they harked back to the platform…. Affable, articulate, analytical, accessible, astute and the ultimate Delhi insider, Arun Jaitley served the country and his party well, before passing away at the relatively young age of As finance minister in the first….